PROVIDER IDENTIFICATION: We will locate and select between 1 and 5 suppliers of the products or services in which you are interested. We will visit them and send you the detailed reports of each of them.

NEGOTIATION: If you wish we can negotiate the conditions of sale and delivery of the products.

ACCOMPANIMENT: In case that your company wants to visit factories and / or negotiate directly with suppliers, we can prepare a work plan and organize all the operations, logistics and support during your visit to Vietnam.

QUALITY CONTROL: We have people prepared to be able to perform quality control in the factories and ensure that their products will be shipped with the agreed specifications and conditions.

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT: We can take care of all the procedures for you to receive the CIF product at the port of destination.

PURCHASES AND CUSTOMS MANAGEMENT: If you are interested in TOTAL management, we can take care of the entire process and invoice the product from one of our companies.

Effective solutions: We speak your language and that of the suppliers, we have our own offices in Madrid-Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Ho Chi Minh City. We are focused on finding suppliers for the development of your business through the import of your products from VIETNAM.

Headquarters: C/Luchana nº 4 2º B · 28010 Madrid ·

Headquarters: C/Luchana nº 4 2º B · 28010 Madrid ·